All features of InFuse
This image shows an overview over many features of InFuse and Angie, respectively:
  • Operator selection
  • Console
  • Overview about objects contained in the workbench
  • Process View
  • Glyph view for advanced Visualisation
Login Dialog
Login Dialog
Simple Classification Process
This screenshot shows a simple Data Mining Process modelled and executed within the workbench. Here, a simple Classification Process is illustrated:
  1. First, a sample is obtained (using the sample-N operator of FraQL)
  2. This sample is used to learn a Baysian Classification Model
  3. This Model is used to classify the integrated relation
Simple Classification Process with advanced visualisation
Here, the same process is shown, but an advanced visualisation technique is used to investigate the data. Especially, movement was used as additional presentation variable.
Simple Analysis of DNA Sequences with BLAST
This picture demonstrates the usage of InFuse for analyzing DNA sequences using the blast tool. Given some sequences in a relational table, this process prepares the sequences for BLAST and finally computes the intersection between found and original sequences to find the final result.
Complex DNA Analysis Process
The last two screenshots show a more complex process for Sequence analysis using blast. The test sequences are compared to different known sequence in order to investigate if they are involved in photosythesis or not.
Complex DNA Analysis Process

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